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Soulprint Compass: A Map to Your Vibrant Future

You are smart, creative and are meant to be doing greater things. Over the years, you put caring for others first and have no regrets.

Now it's your time

Half your life has passed, you want to make a bigger difference in the world and yet have only vague ideas of what to do with yourself and your creative energies. 

You feel a sense of urgency but are constantly distracted by the activities of daily life, convincing yourself you don't have time to think about the big things.

What if nothing changed? What is it costing you to not think about your future?

You have a lifetime of wisdom and are frustrated by your inability to put what you know into practice. You want to fulfill your life’s potential but fear and self doubt are holding you back. 

I am inviting you to listen more closely to the voice of the Infinite inside you and reconnect with your soul’s purpose.


Imagine what life would be like if you had an inner compass to help make every decision, living your life in the flow you know is available to you.

Imagine how satisfying it feels to have the self confidence and courage to make insightful choices about your future, to be excited to get out of bed every morning filled with vitality, joyful to be experiencing this life, knowing you are placing your Soulprint on the world.

When you lay your head down for the last time you can look back in satisfaction on a life fully lived.

The Universe not only has your back, but fully supports your uniqueness

As a result of the Soulprint Compass package, you will

  • Develop a clear vision of a future you would love, that makes you say, “YES”!

  • Increase your ability to make decisions from a larger picture and stop letting the distractions of daily life dictate what’s important to you.

  • Receive tools to help you actually begin living a life you love.

What’s included


Vision Audit

Before we meet, you’ll go through a process to gain clarity on the details of your life, what you would like to change, what you would love to experience, and the feelings associated with it. 


Vision Discovery

In this 90-minute call you will craft a vision of your future that makes you feel alive. You will learn how the creative process works and how to charge your dream with creative pull. The use of this technique can “miraculously” bring you what you desire.


Vision Adjustment

We will follow up a week later with a 30 minute call, clarifying any questions and making adjustments to your vision as necessary so that you can use it as a manifestation magnet.

Clients report they feel so in touch with their vision they can easily use it as a focal point moving forward.

It’s important to live a life that brings you joy, and makes a difference in the world, and I can help you do that. 

Are you interested in doing this work with me? Here's how to get started

  1. Complete the form below.

  2. I will send you a payment link for $195. 

  3. Once activated, you will receive materials with detailed instructions, including how to schedule your sessions with me.

Soulprint Compass

I look forward to dreaming with you!

Arehn McCarty

For over 30 years, I have helped people connect with a power greater than themselves and with that power co-create richer, more fulfilling lives.  Throughout my journey, I have followed my inner guidance and lived a life I consciously created. I am inviting you to safely discover a more fulfilling life and will support you in taking the steps necessary to live it.

What people are saying


“Working with Arehn is a joyful experience. Her ability to help me create crystal clear ‘scaffolding images’ is outstanding. I feel so passionate about it, so in love with it that I’m thinking about it all the time knowing that it WILL come to pass. And knowing that, I’m happy to do whatever it takes for it to manifest in the physical world. I’ve turned a sharp corner, I’m moving forward at a pace, I’m feeling so energized, willing and able to co-create with Universal Intelligence.  What a blessing to be on this path thanks to you Arehn.”  

Cate O.


“Arehn is a beautiful caring soul, whose passion for helping people shines through in her coaching. She’s very professional and easy to talk to.  With her years of coaching and speaking experience, she has the innate ability to guide anyone on their soulprint journey, to living a life of purpose they truly love.”

Jackie M.

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