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Q & A about Spiritual Life Coaches 

What is a Spiritual Life Coach?

A spiritual life coach helps you change your life by changing your paradigms; or how you see yourself in the world and your connection with the universe. They show you how to get in touch with your inner voice and work with the laws of the universe to help you live the life you were born to live.

What is the difference between a spiritual life coach and a councilor?

It has been said that a councilor is like an archeologist, looking into your past, and a spiritual life coach is like an architect, designing your future.

How does a Spiritual Life Coach differ from a regular Life Coach?

Life Coaches can be wonderful motivators, keeping you on track to meet your goals. Spiritual Life Coaches have the most powerful, life changing tool in their toolbox, and that is the presence and power that created the universe. Spiritual Life Coaches teach you how to tap into that power, drawing support to you for goals you didn’t think possible. They help you discover your soul’s purpose, and design dreams based on what makes you say, “YES!”, not on what you think is possible.

Is a Spiritual Life Coach
part of a religion?

Spiritual life coaches are open to the spiritual laws of the universe and not associated with any one religion. They are people who live by spiritual principles and and help others live fulfilling lives based on the practices that have worked for them.


Q & A About Evocative Coaching 

What is Evocative Coaching?

Evocative Coaching supports you in understanding that inspiration, ideas, thoughts and everything required to live a life you love living is already within you

The coach’s role is to help you call forth your inner wisdom.

We are infinite spiritual energy beings having a physical experience, which is finite. There is a part of us, our true nature, which is infinite intelligence; it already knows everything there is to know. That part of us holds the key to living a life we would love living, the life we were born to live.

What is the difference between evocative and directive coaching?

Directive Coaching is more externally driven, the client looks to the coach to provide expertise and guidance. Evocative Coaching supports the client to understand they are already resourced from within. The answers come from the client’s own inner genius. It is invitational in language and style.

The client is their own highest authority in all matters.

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