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Welcome to Life Mastery Group:
A Transformative Journey to Your Best Self!

In a world that constantly demands more doing, pushing, and striving, it's time to embrace a paradigm shift. Life Mastery isn't about conforming to society's expectations; it's about rediscovering your inner voice and unlocking the true potential within you.

What if you stopped judging yourself and your progress and trusted your inner guidance?

In this six month course, you will practice the six pillars of Life Mastery and witness a profound shift in your life. Feel the Universe responding to your clarity of Intention. Your opportunities will expand as you experience vibrant Health and a fuller sense of well-being. All your relationships are lifted as you deepen your awareness of Love's presence. You will feel the flow of Universal Abundance in all areas of your life, grow to feel worthy of the Manifestation you desire, and undergo the Transformation that occurs when you move beyond head knowledge and into Divine Co- creation. These principles become incorporated into who you are, part of your habit body, and help you improve every area of your life.

You are the best authority on what is right for you.

Life Mastery empowers you to be the ultimate authority on your best path forward. Learn to listen more closely to your inner guidance, and as your internal dialogue changes, see how your external experience transforms. Life Mastery empowers you to navigate and respond to life's challenges with newfound confidence in your inner wisdom. Your faith increases in the Universe’s ability to bring forth what you require to live your fullest life and you leave behind the compulsion to make things happen through sheer will. You navigate life differently, respond differently, and have a different outcome.

Join a Community of Empowered Women

I invite you to embark on this transformative journey alongside an incredible group of women. Over these six months, Arehn will engage you in inspiring discussions and insightful lessons, creating a supportive structure that accelerates your personal growth in ways unimaginable when going it alone.

Why Life Mastery? Because Your Best Self Awaits. 


Don't miss out on the opportunity to live a life aligned with your truest desires. Join us on this remarkable journey to self-discovery, empowerment, and a more fulfilled life. Enroll now and let the transformation begin!

What does Life Mastery include and why is it so extraordinarily effective?

Snowy Mountain Sunset

Clear vision

We start with an hour private Vision Calibration call, to focus and clarify your dream, so you have a clear vision to hold for yourself throughout the six month program.


Immediate Impact

You will immediately see the benefits of the Life Mastery program at work in your life. Each week’s lesson is designed to reprogram your conscious and subconscious mind for success. You will find yourself easily making the changes you need to get the results you want.


60 Minute Weekly Life Mastery Class

We meet weekly for a live, virtual class which includes teaching, inspiration, connection and support in an exploration of new perspective on the month’s curriculum theme.


Weekly Guided Meditations 

Each week you receive a unique meditation, to center you and deepen your experience with the week's topic. These can help guide you from head learning to a deeper integration with your higher self.  

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Adult Students

Discover special solutions and methods on how you can apply Life Mastery tools directly to your life and your dreams. The “Lifework” each week is designed for ongoing, deep reflection.

Attentive Therapist

Evocative Laser Coaching

During our weekly Zoom calls, receive answers to your burning questions, strategies to overcome your limiting beliefs, and accountability to help you stay the course, Click for more information about Evocative Style Coaching .


The impact of each individual phase in the program is strengthened through the power of repetition. Allowing a month to incorporate each Life Mastery Pillar, gives us the ability to easily form the habits that lead to life-long transformation.


Lifelong Application

The techniques you learn and skills you develop will be available for you to use the rest of your life. You will permanently possess the power to get anything you truly want, in any area of your life.

Thought Provoking "Lifework"

Strategic Repetition

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