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Women's Campout Retreats

A weekend of self reflection and connection with other women

July 12th-14th or
August 18th-20th

In a world where hustle and ambition often overshadow our inner peace, it's time to step away from your “to do” list and embrace a different rhythm – one that honors connection, inner wisdom, and nature’s healing.

Come join Arehn McCarty for three days of camping, connection and study. While surrounded by the towering majesty of ancient trees, breathe in the gentle wisdom of the forest. Open yourself to feeling the power and peace of your connection with Source. 

You will develop a clarity of purpose as we explore more deeply the spiritual Laws described in, what Arehn likes to call her, “User Manual,” or This Thing Called You, by Ernest Holmes.

Savor moments of tranquility, with plenty of time to relax. Indulge in meals crafted from scratch with love and care, nourishing both body and soul.

As daylight fades and the stars emerge overhead, gather around the campfire and share laughter and stories, forging lifelong friendships with other women on this journey.

This weekend will move you from struggle and burnout to Divine Flow, from fear to breakthroughs of Faith, providing the courage to step more boldly into your inner calling, ready to live a bigger life.

You will leave the weekend with an inner rejuvenation and clarity of purpose that allows you to recommit to and serve more deeply the life your dreams. 

This is the kind of indulgence your soul is calling for.

River Rapids

“Your endeavor is not to locate or awaken the activity of the Law (God), it is, rather, to become aware of this Presence and of Its activity flowing through you. If the Law operates automatically, then you do not coerce, concentrate or compel it.”

Ernest Holmes- This Thing Called You

Stepping away from daily life to feed your soul


Retreat investment includes:

Transportation to and from the PDX airport

Six gourmet meals and snacks with multiple selections 

A pdf of This Thing Called You, published before 2007

Complimentary camping for 3 nights (including gear)(RV and Vans welcome)


   -to explore your relationship with your Higher Self and  

   -to connect with other women in a casual, peaceful setting.

July 12-14th or August 18th-20th 2024

3 day retreat $549 includes camping

(Bedrooms and rustic cabin are available at a reasonable rate)

Here is what last year's participants are saying

Hosted by Rev. Arehn McCarty at Marmot House

Arehn was ordained as a New Thought minister, by Mary Morrissey in 1993, has studied and implemented these principles for over 30 years and still works on them daily. She loves cooking from scratch and you will be delighted by the healthy and delicious meals provided.

Marmot House is a lodge style home, built with exquisite artistry and is beautifully situated on 13 acres of mostly old growth forest in the foothills of Mt. Hood, outside of Portland Oregon. Now with 13 camping sites listed on Hipcamp (camping BnB).

Arehn's love of cooking will bring you all from scratch meals and snacks.
Sample Menu


fresh fruit, granola, muffins, sourdough waffles, rosemary walnuts, sausage, boiled eggs, coffee, tea, and brewed cacao.


beet salad, chicken cranberry walnut salad, farm greens salad, cucumber tomato feta pasta salad, fresh rosemary crackers, hummus, and iced tea or kombucha. 


Fresh noodle lasagna, farm greens salad, bread, mango sorbet. 

Thai salad rolls, brownies sundaes.

Cucumber basil lime spritzers

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