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This Thing Called You

A four month study of humanity's operation manual

Do you want more clarity on how the Divine works in your life to create abundance, health, and joy? Do you feel trapped in your old patterns of thinking and don’t know how to shift to a more fulfilling life? Have you heard about, "Universal Laws" and want to understand how they work? Maybe you're even a Life Coach and have some fear that you won’t know how to answer clients' spiritually based questions.

I am so excited to be sharing a study of my favorite book, This Thing Called You, by Ernest Holmes. I call it Humanity's operation manual because it breaks down Metaphysical and New Thought principles into understandable and actionable pieces. 

This 16 week live course will feel like a slow easy walk through these seemingly complex concepts. During our work together they will become life principles instead of abstract doctrine. You'll feel a deeper connection to your Higher Power and know how to create anything you want in your life. You will feel supported in your study of this work, with a review of material each week and a welcoming of any question that has come from the reading. During the week the private Facebook group can also be a great place to ask questions and get support. 

Presented by Rev. Arehn McCarty

Arehn has spent her life exploring the balance of science and spirituality. In 1993 she was ordained by Rev. Mary Manin Morrissey and has been studying and putting these principles to use for over 35 years. She helps people see there is a power greater than themselves at work in their lives and teaches them to partner with that power to create lives they are passionate about living. She is a living example of the co-creative manifestation she teaches.

In this class we will cover

16 weeks Live on Zoom

60 minutes includes lesson and Q +A (recordings available after)

Price includes paper copy of the book

Private class $2649

Group class $1797. 


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