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Updated: May 29, 2021


This lesson is basically a remembering of things that we already know. I think all of us who have been out in the woods or in nature of any kind, know this is where God is so alive. We can really feel that presence whenever we're outside in nature. So it's not really a teaching, it's more of a reminder.

We know God is in everything. God is in concrete and high rise apartments as well as the woods. However, it can be easier for us to feel the presence of God, when we are surrounded by vibrant growing things. When we are in that environment we allow ourselves to open up to feeling life pulse through us.

There's something magical about taking time out in the woods, going on a walk, being around plants and trees, breathing in the smells, hearing the sounds, and just feeling. There's something about being in that space that can help you feel safe, refreshed, rejuvenated, and excited about life.

There is no judgment from a tree. When I first started public speaking, I was embarrassed for anyone to hear me practice, I worried about their judgement. I lived right across the street from a wooded park and I would go there to practice. There was this little ring of trees right off the path. I would have to climb through some brush to get in there. It was just this little circle. That was my first audience. I always felt heard and supported. Whatever I was talking about, I practiced in front of these trees and I always felt better when I was done.

When we're not spending time in nature, our daily life of paying the bills, getting work done, cleaning the house, and taking care of the kids, takes over and that business seems so important. It’s easy to get caught up and lose track of the peace that we find when we're out in nature.

Nature has this sort of Divine timing; in the morning the birds are singing even though the sun isn't up. The birds know when to sing, they know the sun is coming up even though it is still dark. There are instincts in us that we feel when we listen. We can get into that flow, eat when we are hungry, sleep when we are tired, we work, we rest, and we play.

Part of that divine timing is knowing when is the right time. Sometimes we push things before they ready or we don’t take action because of fear. If you notice, birds don't sing in the heat of the day, when it is really hot, when it isn't time for singing. We have that same instinct in us, to know when it is the right time to take the next step. If we try to rush, it doesn't work. If we hold back when it’s time it also doesn’t work.

When you find yourself trying to rush things, or holding back because of fear, you can get back in touch with Divine guidance, that flow, by spending time in nature, whether you go to the park or sit in your backyard or even go there in your mind.

You can experience that peace, that exhilaration, that confidence, by shifting your awareness to that Presence. Just that action reminds you that you are always connected to the source of all life. Take that time out, feel God’s presence and be touch with your Divine plan and its timing.



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