We are One

Updated: May 29

We are connected through the presence that created the universe

We often open our prayers with, “There is only One Presence, One Power, and One Life in this universe.” I want to look at what this means today. There's only one presence in this universe. There's only one thing, that’s all there is, and that is God. No matter what we're doing in our lives, how far off track we feel, however distant we feel from God, there is no way we can ever really be separate. We must be part of God if that's all there is. If there's nothing that's outside of God, we can never be separate. We're always part of it.

I believe that we were created to give physical expression to the energy that is God. In one of my favorite songs, “Use Me”,

Ricky Byers wrote, “God needs us to shine Its light as me, as you.”

We are physically manifested expressions of the Divine, of the energy that created this universe.