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Vision Audit

I am so excited you decided to gift yourself the time to create a life you would love. To get ready for our time together, I invite you to take this, “Vision Audit.” 


Before we meet, answering these questions can help you gain clarity on the details of your life, get your creative juices flowing, and prepare you for creating a vision of a life you would love. We will be setting intention and direction for your life moving forward and it can be helpful to have an idea of what you want. 

I invite you to set aside some quiet time to do this and know that it doesn't have to be done in one sitting.

Enjoy, Arehn


Vision Audit Questions

1. List your talents. Allow yourself to look kindly upon your abilities, don’t put any ranking or value on them. If you are skilled at folding fitted sheets put it down.

2. What are you passionate about or interested in? Do you love dogs, gardening, history, or reading?

3. What in your life are you discontented with? What would you like to be different?

4. Satisfaction tank- Every one of us has results in each of these areas. The results you’re currently getting are a reflection of your awareness and beliefs. In looking at the different areas individually we can begin to see what has received our attention and energies and where we might want to give more focus.

Let’s rate where we are in each of these areas from 1 to 5. Where is your satisfaction tank? 1 being on empty, feeling really unsatisfied, 5 being full, really happy with where you are. Make notes about any parts that grab your attention, whether it’s something you don’t want or something you want more of, this will be helpful information for later.



Physical Health & Well-Being- This is anything to do with your body; energy, flexibility, strength, size. When looking at health we don’t want to just be free of pain or disease but be vibrantly, fully alive. Just for a moment call forth your current image of health? How do you feel in your body? Do you celebrate its movement and beauty or focus on the pain and lack of energy? Do you feel flexible and strong or out of shape and tired? 

How would you rate your health and well being?


Mental Health & Well-Being- Just for a moment think of your mental health? How do you feel? Are you joyful? content? clear minded? At peace? focused? clever? grateful? How is your sleep? Again, we are not looking for being free of depression but fully, vibrantly alive. 

How would you rate your mental health and well being?



Romantic Relationships- Bring to mind the state of your romance. Are you looking for that love in your life? Has your long term relationship been running on autopilot? Is there something missing? Something you want more of? with your connection?, communication?, sex?, companionship? 

How would you rate the state of your romantic life?


Community- This area is about your sister friends and family. How supported, connected and nurtured do you feel by your friends, family and coworkers. Have you felt too busy to give attention to your relationships or nurture new ones. Do you long for deeper or safer connections? Would you be encouraged by them to follow your inner guidance? Look also at relationships that might be pulling energy from you that need healing. Do you have issues from the past that are unresolved and holding you back from seeking love?

How would you rate your satisfaction with your community?


Spiritual Connection- How connected do you feel to your higher power on a daily basis? Do you have a practice that keeps you in touch throughout the day? Or do you feel that you can’t find the connection you had when you were young? Do you feel guided when you make decisions or feel you are on your own and disconnected? Do you feel beloved and celebrated by the Universe or afraid you will disappoint and be harshly judged?

How would you rate your satisfaction with your spiritual connection?


Personal Expression- This is what you do with your creative energies, the things that stir something inside you. Are you leaning into things that excite you, making your unique imprint on the world or are you holding back? Do you feel you are living your calling or do you check your soul as you enter work every morning? Are you excited to get out of bed in the morning because you love what you do or are you holding back your light? 

How would you rate your personal expression in the world?


Quality of lifestyle- How much of your lifestyle is by conscious choice and how much by default? Do you take time to spend with loved ones or down time for yourself? Do you live a home you love and have the money to go where you would like? Do you have the lifestyle you want without fear of finances or do you make choices based on limitation rather than desire? Do you give to charities and organizations at the level you would like?

How would you rate your quality of lifestyle?

5. Write a personal dreams, “Bucket List.” What are the top 50 goals you’d like to accomplish in your lifetime? I invite you to create this list in as close to one sitting as possible. Most likely the first 20 will be ones you said you wanted to do for a long time. After those first 20-30 what can happen is things come up that surprise you, that you hadn’t thought of before or let yourself dream. You get past the “it would be nice” ones and get into the real desires. Don’t put any judgement on them of likelihood or difficulty. Just ask, “would I love this?” and have fun.

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